UV LED Lash Light System

The Luxury Lash Studio is the first lash studio in South Jersey to offer this type of innovative lash service. 

Why is the UV LED Lash Light System such a big deal?

This lash system is an industry game changer in which there is currently an 80% OVERALL success rate for those who have had to stop getting lashes due to developing an allergic reaction. Your lashes are INSTANTLY cured upon application. Those who have had issues with retention prior can fully expect to now go longer between fills, which in return, saves YOU money!

What makes the light different from traditional glue?
Using the LED Light System - say goodbye to teary eyes, goodbye to irritation from fumes & most excitingly BYE TO PREMATURE LASH FALL OUT!

Want to jump in a pool, sweat at the gym or hop in a sauna RIGHT after your appointment? Go ahead, no more waiting! 

Will the light hurt my eyes?

Absolutely not. This light system has been tested and the exposure of the light is so minimal, as long as you do not un-tape yourself during the service to purposefully look directly into the light, you are completely safe.

Are there only certain lash sets I can get with the light system?

Nope! All lash sets and lashes that we offer are compatible to be used with this system. 

If you have any additional questions regarding this lash system, please feel free to reach out. Please allow 24 business hours for a response.