Lash Lift - $110


Not looking for maintenance? A lash lift will lift & curl your natural lashes lasting for 4-6 weeks. Wake up with no make up ready to go looking like you already have mascara on your beautifully curled lashes.

Includes Tint 


 ANY Full Set - $230

All of our lashes used are cruelty free. Time duration varies depending on Set & Style that is chosen. 90-100% lash coverage will be achieved. An Aftercare Kit that includes a small bottle of lash shampoo with a brush will be provided upon check out to have you set up for success with your lash extension journey.

Lashes are only applied to healthy strong lashes to ensure no lash damage occurs. 


Classic/Signature Mini Fill - $50

Classic/Signature 2 Week Fill - $70

  Classic/Signature 3 Week Fill - $90


Hybrid/Volume Mini Fill - $75

Hybrid/Volume 2 Week Fill - $95

Hybrid/Volume 3 Week Fill - $110


Mini fills are for days 4-7 after your most recent lash appointment ​

2 week fills are for days 8-14 after your most recent lash appointment  

 3 week fills are for days 15-21 after your most recent lash appointment


Foreign Fill - $110

      We do accept fills from other artists without having a removal and Full Set as previous policy stated. A Foreign Fill will be a flat fee of $110 with a $30 non-refundable deposit required to book no matter the lash set. Our 72 hour guarantee will not be valid for first appointment due to working over other artists in which different products may have been used. The appointment time may be longer than a normal fill. At least 50% of lashes must be remaining on each eye to be considered a fill.

​By booking a Foreign Fill, you are agreeing to the right that if lashes are not able to be worked over, a complimentary removal and purchase of Full Set may be required. If you choose to not move forward with service after assessment, $30 deposit will still be kept. 

* Everything will be thoroughly discussed and agreed upon by both parties day of service before any service is performed *


Lash Removal - $35

Complimentary if booked with a Lash Lift or Full Set.

Please make artist aware if a removal is necessary when booking a lash service for proper time allotment.


 *Each fill must have at least 50% of lashes remaining on each eye to be considered a fill. If not, you will be subject to potential Full Set pricing or extra charge for supplies and time taken. The charge will be up to the discretion of the lash artist. If you notice you are losing lashes quicker than normal, kindly reach out to book your fill sooner.